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4 years ago

4 years ago

Back in 2018 I participated in a debate about morality and evolution at the Association of Social Anthropologists (ASA) in Oxford. It just came out in JRAI. Yay! ... See more

4 years ago
Brain Pickings

Bloom – a touching animated short film about depression and what it takes to recover the light of being

5 years ago
Shit Academics Say

The best defense is a good offence | XKCD https://xkcd.com/1403

5 years ago
If mindfulness is the answer, what is the question? | SOAS University of London

Back in December I gave a talk at SOAS - a short drive through introduction to the genealogy of British interest in mindfulness.

"If mindfulness is the answer, what is the question?" was given by Dr Joanna Cook, UCL (Presentation with Q&A) as part of the Round Table "Mindfulness in Pub...

5 years ago
Artist Illustrates His Battle With Depression as a Mystical World of Spirit Animals

“It’s a story of a man descending into darkness and chaos in search of himself.”

5 years ago
Manchester University Press - Detachment

Out now in paperback. Woo hoo!

Detachment - Browse and buy the Paperback edition of Detachment by Thomas Yarrow

5 years ago
A two-year-old's solution to the trolley problem

The trolley problem redeux

I'm teaching a moral psychology class this semester, and we spent part of the first day discussing the trolley problem, which is a frequently used ethical di...

6 years ago
Paying attention to attention by Joanna Cook « Anthropology of this Century

May I have your attention?

In 2016, Andrew Sullivan, a conservative commentator and pioneer of the political blog, walked into a meditation centre and surrendered his smartphone. Explaining why he purposefully severed himself ... See more