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3 years ago

Anthropologists of the world! Jon Mair and I are putting together an amazing panel on 'cultures of metacognition' at the ASA this year. Would you like to submit a paper? Come and join us! The ... See more

Cultures of metacognition brings ethnographic focus on the ways in which people theorise, experience and otherwise relate to their minds. We will explore the ways people conceive of knowledge, ... See more

3 years ago
HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory

Malinowski on fleeting and elusive ideas!

3 years ago
Suggestions of Power: Searching for Efficacy in Indonesia's Hypnosis Boom

Fantastic new article from Nick Long on his research on hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Indonesia.

enidFrom relative obscurity in the 1990s, hypnotherapy has become a major industry in contemporary Indonesia. This article examines its tremendous surge in popularity, and the subsequent trajectories ... See more

3 years ago

Radical parenting...

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